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As a POINT ACADEMY partner, you become a part of the team that is focused on supporting your centre with the best. We shall provide you and the staff with the right training, tools and support. We are constantly updating and improving our system with the best available concepts, teaching methodology, study material, class work sheet & home work sheets for each lecture and have fine-tuned tools for marketing, brand building, promotion etc that you will need to ensure your success in the project.

There will be a single point of contact for all your setup needs. Our work begins from assisting you in identifying the location to training your staff according to the POINT ACADEMY system of Education, providing the POINT ACADEMY curriculum workbooks and other material, various manuals and eventually day to day running support. Our system is standardized to such an extent that each POINT ACADEMY centre offers the same standards of education.

Indian Education Sector

According to India Ratings, a Fitch Group company, the Indian education sector’s market size is likely to increase to Rs. 6,02,410 crore ($109.84 billion) by FY15 due to a strong demand for quality education. In FY12, the Indian education sector’s market size was estimated to be Rs. 3,41,180 crore.


There is a huge demand for quality education within the sector including for pre -schools, Schools and Test Prep Space.


Test Prep comprises of Coaching Classes that prepare students for Entrance Tests. This is the fastest growing vertical within the education sector mainly because of low interference from the Government on running the business and Institutes focussed on Engineering Entrance Test & Medical Test Preparation are the fastest growing institutes in the country.


An opportunity


There is no doubt that the zest for making money and delivering quality can go hand in hand and so the coaching sector has picked up this aspect of education and are expanding rapidly not only in India but in other countries as well.

Their favourite model of business delivery is the franchising route.

Get Assured Return on Invesment in a year

• 3 years of proven success

• Best Study material

• Well researched study plan

• Faculty training and support

• Front office staff and counsellor training and support

• Lead generation and lead closure training

• Marketing and advertising material

• Owned and managed by highly qualified & most experienced

    management team in the coaching industry

• Unique POINT ACADEMY Curriculum

• Web Support

• Use of Innovative Techniques

• Reasonable Franchise fee– No hidden costs – No false promises

• 100% management focus on running the coaching classes

• Sense of ownership as each branch has its own individual

    name identity

• Goodwill among the parents

• Goodwill among the media ensures better coverage

• As entrepreneurial zeal

• You can be an individual / or a School / College

• Ability to lead a team of teachers and marketing personnel

• Capable of investing time and money

• Local knowledge

• Commitment towards quality

• Long term vision

•  Should be able to establish tie-up with School / colleges

•  Ability to counsel and motivate students

•  Ability to attract students from adjoining districts / towns etc.,




Who can become a POINT ACADEMY Franchisee?

Become the part of winning team..!

There are no pre requisites to becoming a POINT ACADEMY franchisee Partner. But these things are what we look in a potential franchisee

Interested franchise profiles can mail us - also call us - 9442661621

We believes in the philosophy of Teaching Faculty is the back bone of the Academy and the Students are The Brand Ambassadors.

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